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In collaboration with InsurTech360 and the InsurTech Innovation Lab, our community of Global experts will be bringing to you conversations with innovators from around the world.


Looking for a change? Explore current opportunities across the Insurance & InsurTech global landscape.


InsurTech Deep Dive

Let’s go under the hood and take a deep dive into the technology that powers some of the most promising insurtech startups. John Jackovin (BrokerTech Ventures) and Chris Frankland (Insurtech360 & Care Bridge International) talk to the people delivering some of the worlds most impactful insurtech technologies.

Insurtech Deep Dive: Season 1, Episode 1 Trustlayer

Today we welcome John Fohr (Co-founder and CEO) and Vincenzo Acinapura (Co-founder and CTO) of Trustlayer.

Insurtech Deep Dive: Season 1, Episode 2 Makusafe

Hosts John Jackovin and Chris Frankland sit down with Co-founder and CTO of Makusafe to see what makes-it-tic!

Insurtech Deep Dive: Season 1, Episode 3 Chisel AI

Listen as we talk about the confluence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and insurance with Ron Glozman, CEO/Founder, Chisel AI.

The Team

Global Innovators

Chris Frankland

Founder, InsurTech360

COO, NextShield

Tori Santos

Director, Claims Modernization


Neelam Paharia

Director Competitive Intelligence & Product Transformation


Gwen Olson

Enterprise Claims Strategy SVP

American Family Insurance

Galen Schaffer

Samantha Santiago

VP Head of Claims Strategy & Automation

Farmers Insurance

Kobi Bendelak

CEO, InsurTech Israel

Lori Pon

Director, Claims Transformation and Claim Contact Center

The Auto Club Group

Opeyemi Osiyemi

Founder, Claimsify InsurTech Africa

Dr. Marcus Schmalbach

Founder, RYSKEX

Muhammad Ashfaq-Ur-Rehman

Founder, Finmaal

Aparajit Bhattacharya

Managing Partner & CBO, Insure First

Amit Khanna

SVP and Manager, U.S. Claims Strategy

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Kurt Thoennessen, CAPI

CEO, RiskRevu

Huges Bertin

CEO, Digital Insurance LatAm

Steven Schwartz

Chief Revenue Officer, Periculus

Steven Gerhardt

Founder, ElementBlue

Deborah Watkins

Founder, Care Bridge International

Curtis Scott

Vice President, Risk and Customer Platform, Lyft

Rita Yates

CEO, InsurTech Australia

Shefali Sonpar

Senior Director UST Global

Tunde Salako

Africa InsurTech Rising

Jessie Shi

Vice President Of Commercial Operations, ZhongAn

Hilario Itriago

Managing Director Rokk3r InsurTech

Patrick Kelahan

The Insurance Elephant

Naby Mariyam

CEO & Founder Cover Hero

Erin (Kowalsky) Meijer

AVP, Thought Leadership and Content Strategy

Guardian Life

Uni Rosales Yost

CEO & Founder

Go Ask Jay

Shilpa Strong

Chief Innovation Officer

Tokio Marine HCC

Hitesh Saini

Founder, The Claim Consultants